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Technology, People, and the Future of Advertising

Growth is exciting. It attracts talent, money, and customers. But it must be constantly renewed. Advertising and marketing play a crucial role in this continual process.

Yet fragmented attention is now the reality. And while Big Data, the techniques of planning for spoken search results, and machine learning can deal with this shift, most marketers, start-ups, consultants, and small businesses are stuck in a routine rut of advertising techniques that are outdated and far from profitable enough.

AdWords Certification Boot Camp

It’s Time to Fuel Up

With a disciplined study of tomorrow’s technological advances and expert insights into the signals from big data, committed marketing professionals can fuel up on ideas and continue to create great campaigns that produce sustainable growth.

The result?

A long and satisfying career — the most important objective of all.

About the Advertising Management Institute

The Advertising Management Institute is a marketing consulting firm that serves profit-poised marketing professionals, account managers, start-ups, and small businesses.

We will be hosting up-to-date advertising management courses and live events to help clients make immediate improvements to their online advertising that lower costs while increasing customer engagement. This produces a sustainable long-term ROI for clients in highly competitive marketplaces.

Highly competitive? That is true. So why are we showing how to perform the magic tricks?

In a nutshell, 90% of online advertising sucks and 90% of publishers who post it have pushed audiences to the point of assiduously blocking advertising. And if they block advertising because of someone’s stupid ad, they don’t see ours either.

That is dumb.

So we’re banding together as ad professionals and partnering with business leaders, agencies, and technology companies. Our goal is to create an online advertising environment that benefits advertisers, agencies, and our shared audience. Here are some of our parters.


Don’t get left behind. Let’s work together and make some magic.

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