NEW! 3-Day AdWords Management & Certification Boot Camp


(NEW! Updated May 2017) 3-day AdWords Management & Certification Boot Camp. An immersive, hands-on experience centered around the real-world challenges of creating an AdWords campaign and improving results. Using the latest innovations from Google, you’ll learn the art and science of how to plan, target, structure, test, and maintain high-performance campaigns more quickly and effectively.

  • Get 4x-5x increases in average click-through rates.
  • Learn how to target and structure accounts to cut click costs by >50%.
  • Class includes all study materials for the Google Certification Exams and two exam practice sessions.

Maximum class size: 12.
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(UPDATED MAY 2017 – Google has made some game-changing improvements to AdWords. We’ll be covering them.)

This fast-paced, immersive 3-Day Adwords Management & Certification Boot Camp is designed to unlock your critical thinking. You’ll gain the know-how to execute high-growth campaigns on Google’s AdWords advertising platform. Days 1 and 2 walk you through the theoretical and practical steps to creating and maintaining profitable campaigns using the latest features of AdWords and Analytics. Day 3 includes the Google Certification Exam and an HTML5 Display Ad Crash Course.

You’ll come away from the course with the tools and skill to create profitable-from-the-start campaigns. Scale campaigns by improving click-through rates, lowering click costs, and most importantly, generating sales through long-term customer relationships.

Day 1  Planning, Segmentation, and the User Experience
Learn a better process for planning any marketing campaign, focusing on the online experience. Quickly target your audience and find the voice to talk to them.

Day 2  AdWords Account Structure
Find out how to structure an AdWords account. Use Display, Search, and Remarketing campaigns to deliver better results at lower cost. Learn to weed out the noise from the signals in your Analytics data to create tomorrow’s to-do list and fuel future growth.

Day 3 Google AdWords Certification Exam & HTML5 Display Ad Crash Course 
After taking the Google AdWords Fundamental & Display Advertising Exams for your certification, we’ll have a hands-on crash course showing you the process of programming stunning Display Ads that can increase click-through rates by 400-500% and cut cost-per-click rates by 50%.

See the Additional Information tab above for a complete class syllabus.

Additional information

Meal Plan

Because of the intensity and length of the program, all boot camps include a catered, on-site menu of a light breakfast, lunch, dinner, as well as snacks, drinks, and coffee. Please let us know ahead of time if you have dietary restrictions or preferences.


Standard access to a Google AdWords account
Standard access to a Google Analytics account

Laptop with working WiFi with the following software installed:
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
AdWords Editor

(Software required for the optional Boot Camp Day 3 – HTML5 Display Ads)
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Animate or Google Web Designer
Adobe Illustrator

Who Should Attend

These courses are not designed specifically for beginners. You must be familiar with both Google AdWords and Analytics, the principles of advertising, and be able to write a grammatically correct sentence. For Day 3's HTML5 Display Ad crash course, it would be helpful to know how to use Photoshop to create a GIF, JPG, or PNG image and how to use Illustrator to export vector images.

Boot Camp Day 1

8:30 am to 6 pm
Principles of Advertising, Not Marketing
Real-World Customer Profiling
Niche Choice and Segmentation for Profit and User Experience
Practical Personas
Tools to Architect the Journey
What's the Problem, What's the Solution?
Finding the Right Voice

Boot Camp Day 2

8:30 am to 6 pm
All About Landing Pages
How does SEO fit in?
Applying Your Marketing Plan to Your AdWords Account Structure
The Role of Search Advertising
Keyword Choice, Intent, and In-Market Segments (NEW)
Advanced Search Keyword Test Structures
Search Text Ad Testing Workshop
Text Ad Approval Process & Quality Scoring
Keyword Analytics & Monitoring
Display Campaign Basics
Advanced Targeting and Segmentation
Remarketing Audience Selection
Advanced Remarketing Strategies
YouTube Advertising

Boot Camp Day 3

8:30 am to 5:30 pm
Google AdWords Fundamentals Exam
Google AdWords Display Advertising Exam
HTML5 Ads & AdWords Overview
Deciding the size
Layout principles for fast-loading ads
Optimizing your assets
Navigating your workspace
Recreating your ad
Motion, animation, and looping
Resizing your ad
Uploading to AdWords